Acting Lessons // Voice Lessons // College Audition Prep

Auditions can be stressful. They can also be amazing.

It is my belief that the more prepared you are the more quiet those, "I'm not sure I should be doing this..." thoughts become. There are a slew of techniques and tools we can use to get you ready for that big college audition, 32 bars for the Sondheim, prepping your material and interview styles for an agent showcase, or simply just working a piece to work a piece. We all need to keep training no matter how many degrees we may have collected.

I have worked with many students unto great success on a variety of materials including Shakespeare, Restoration, and Greek or Modern theater pieces and I can assist you in getting whatever you're working on audition-ready with incredible confidence.

My former students have been accepted to accredited Universities and Colleges including Texas Woman's University, University of North Texas, and University of the Arts. Additionally, several students have booked agents and moved their careers forward with a few private coaching sessions.

I'd be honored and overjoyed to work with you to get you to your very best in a productive and creative fashion. Want more info? SEND ME A NOTE!